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Entry description:

Faith Floaters combines original idea bundles with meditative drawings and is inspired by religious confusion, intergroup dialogue, and systems theory. The entry is built upon a 4x4 grid whose intersections’ point to windows in the individual and collective experience of reality. Simply put, drawings 1-4 represent our relationship with creation, drawings 5-8 represent our relationship with others, drawings 9-12 represent our relationship with lovers, and drawings 13-16 represent the relationship we have with ourselves. The three pieces in this entry collude to erode boundaries, liberate patterns, and suggest that the state of prosperity we aspire to is inextricably linked to our ability to continuously set our minds’ on things that are above, eclipse self-interest, and love the least of these. In the pseudo-spirit of Ash Barker’s book Make Poverty Personal, Faith Floaters creates a space to confront, reconsider, and challenge patterns of thought and behavior that perpetuate inequality.

1: OliM - Observe Life Matter

-Movement: Spark emerges on line

-Prompt: Look around

-Thought: When we observe life matter, we notice our environment


2: AliE - Acknowledge Life Energy

-Movement: Line bends

-Prompt: What strikes you?

-Thought: When we acknowledge life energy, we notice movement


3: IliS - Integrate Life Space

-Movement: Spark connects with black ring

-Prompt: Go explore

-Thought: When we integrate life space, we interact with creation


4: CliA - Circulate Life Awareness

-Movement: Line forms ring and its spark collects black particles

-Prompt: What does it teach?

-Thought: When we circulate life awareness, we live with curiosity


5: OsoM - Observe Social Matter

-Movement: Second spark emerges on new line

-Prompt: Who is around?

-Thought: When we observe social matter, we notice people


6: AsoE - Acknowledge Social Energy

-Movement: New line bends

-Prompt: What’s going on?

-Thought: When we acknowledge social energy, we notice people’s vibrancy


7: IsoM - Integrate Social Space

-Movement: Spark connects with black ring

-Prompt: Is there dancing?

-Thought: When we integrate social space, we participate in society


8: CsoA - Circulate Social Awareness

-Movement: Line forms second ring, sparks overlap, spark interior is displaced

-Prompt: What are the consequences?

-Thought: When we circulate social awareness, we notice people’s interdependence


9: OplM - Observe Polar Matter

-Movement: Sparks dissolve, contents flood black ring, two rings form large twisted ring

-Prompt: Who do you fancy?

-Thought: When we observe polar matter, we notice particular people


10: AplE - Acknowledge Polar Energy

-Movement: Ring ends fold over and draw towards flooded black ring

-Prompt: What is it about them?

-Thought: When we acknowledge polar energy, we experience a sense of attraction


11: IplS - Integrate Polar Space

-Movement: Twisted ring ends cut through black ring and connect with the flooded interior

-Prompt: Are you able to be together?

-Thought: When we integrate polar space, we act on our sense of attraction


12: CplA - Circulate Polar Awareness

-Movement: Folded ring ends absorb black ring’s contents

-Prompt: Should you be trusted with their heart?

-Thought: When we circulate polar awareness, we become one with another


13: OsfM - Observe Self Matter

-Movement: Black ring transforms into two small black points connected by intersecting rings

-Prompt: How do you know you exist?

-Thought: When we observe self matter, we experience our self through our senses


14: AsfE - Acknowledge Self Energy

-Movement: Black points begin drawing together causing intersecting rings to bend

-Prompt: What do you desire?

-Thought: When we acknowledge self energy, we feel energized


15: IsfS - Integrate Self Space

-Movement: Black points connect and intersecting rings nearly collapse

-Prompt: How is your circulation?

-Thought: When we integrate self space, we exercise our body


16: CsfA - Circulate Self Awareness

-Movement: Black points unite to form a black sphere, collapsed rings condense into a large orange sphere, and we experience an eclipse

-Prompt: To what do you conform?

-Thought: When we circulate self awareness, we pursue alignment,  

balance, and prosperity

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